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Chromatography Fittings, Tubing & Unions

The range of fittings and connectors is designed to meet requirements of the most demanding HPLC and UHPLC applications for pressures up to 25.000psi (1.700bar). Fittings for low pressure chromatography and the solvent intake side are available in a variety of materials to ensure full chemical compatibility.

Tubing is available for low and UHPLC applications, with small, capillary sized diameters up to high flow applications.

A range of spare parts such as back pressure regulators and solvent filters allow to fully equip any HPLC and other fluidic systems

All parts are from well-known quality brands such as Upchurch Scientific, Diba Omnifit and Rheodyne.

Chromatography Fittings, Tubing & Unions