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Traceable with NIST-Traceable Calibration

Traceable Products 


The Traceable® brand is synonymous with reliability and accuracy in measuring, monitoring and recording.These efficient, affordable instruments use current technology to simplify attaining the results you need to manage your critical process. Select from thermometers, hygrometers, barometers, timers, clocks, stopwatches, meters, controllers, pumps, lab tools and more. 

Be confident in your results, with Traceable

Each Traceable product is provided with a Traceable calibration certificate from our ISO 17025 calibration laboratory confirming that the product meets or exceeds all stated specifications, saving both time and money by not having to calibrate separately. Traceable certificates are accredited by A2LA which helps you meet quality standards and regulatory compliance with ISO, FDA, cGMP, VFC, CAP, CLIA and Joint Commission requirements.


There’s a Traceable solution for every level of monitoring

Measurement Instrument


Measurement Arrow

  • Accredited Calibration
  • Digital Display
  • Wide-Range


Basic Monitoring

Basic Arrow

  • Min/Max Monitoring
  • Hourly/Daily Recording
  • High/Low Alarms

Basic Monitoring


Data-Logging arrow

  • Log Data Continuously
  • Download Data to PC
  • Alarm History Reporting


Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring - Arrow

  • Remote Alarm Notifications
  • Unlimited Cloud Data Storage
  • Built-in VFC Reporting
  • Built-in Capabilities for daily checks
















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