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Kinesis Global Clearance Products

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Used & Tested Instrument Clearance

Part No: Description:
G1314A Agilent VWD Variable Wavelength Detector
G2629A-RF Hand Held Controller
GIL805MM Gilson 805 Manometric Module.
INST1 Micro Lab 500 Dilutor
INST10 Gilson 306 Pump
INST1000 Waters 2487 Detector AIB3-541-12
INST1001 Gilson 306 pump s/n 165101
INST1002 Gilson unit s/n n/a
INST1008 Shimadzu BLCA127 s/n n/a
INST101 Agilent G1367A Well Plate AS Serial No. DE02700194
INST1011 Controllers s/n n/a
INST1012 Gilson Various units s/n n/a
INST1017 Waters 1525 Binary HPLC Pump s/n F0425U294M
INST1018 Gilson 811c Mixer s/n 369H5T207
INST1021 Gilson 811c Mixer s/n 369B7T067
INST1022 Gilson 811b mixer s/n 369H0T289
INST1023 Gilson 306 Pump s/n 162964
INST1024 Gilson 401c Dilutor s/n 153734
INST1025 Gilson 401c Dilutor s/n 139749
INST1026 Waters 600S controller s/n HX35M8565M
INST1027 waters 996 Photodiode Detector s/n H01996495M
INST1028 Phillips PU4100 Liquid Chromatograph s/n GE403593
INST1029 Kontron HPLC 360 Autosampler s/n 01959255
INST1030 Cohesive Tech unknown unit s/n F908423063
INST1031 Gilson 234 Autoinjector s/n 156690
INST1032 Gilson 401 Dilutor s/n 648D95616
INST1033 Gilson 401 Dilutor s/n 114973
INST1034 Gilson 401 Dilutor s/n 130813
INST1035 Gilson 401 Dilutor s/n 134402
INST1036 Rheos Flux 200 s/n 2133
INST1037 Gilson 401 Dilutor s/n 122340
INST1038 Gilson 115 UV Detector s/n 058E9091
INST1039 Gilson 402 Syringe Pump s/n 201949
INST1040 Gilson 819 Injection Valve Actuator s/n 259L8A533
INST1041 Gilson 819 Injection Valve Actuator s/n 259C7A066
INST1042 Gilson 401 Dilutor s/n 78806
INST1043 Gilson 401 Dilutor s/n 127463
INST1044 CTCMXY04-01A s/n 140288
INST1045 Gilson Alignment Kit s/n n/a
INST1048 Stack Coolwe DW NC04-01 s/n 2359
INST1049 Waters 2487 Absorbance Detector s/n M97487781N
INST1052 Gilson 231 s/n 107925
INST1053 Gilson 231 s/n 116647
INST1054 Gilson 821 s/n 196797
INST1055 Waters 717 Autosampler s/n A9871P429M
INST1056 Waters 600E System Controller s/n n/a
INST1057 Agilent G1364-84504 s/n n/a
INST1058 PE Nelson 900 interface s/n 7174273356
INST1059 PE Nelson 900 interface s/n 4069270501
INST1060 PE Nelson 900 interface s/n 0180512057
INST1061 Gilson Asted XL s/n 153067
INST1062 Gilson Asted XL s/n 139791
INST1063 Gilson 231 Injector s/n 190180
INST1064 AB 785A Absorbance Detector s/n 9203676
INST1067 Gynkotek HPLC Pump s/n 9828177
INST1068 Dionex P580 Pump s/n 1190004
INST1069 Gilson 215/889 s/n n/a
INST1071 Agilent Peristaltic Pump AFS s/n 10713/00278
INST1072 Altek Degassing System s/n ST1824
INST1076 Agilent 1100 series G1330A s/n DE82206735
INST1077 AP325816 Blk 24.5.317 ref 755 s/n 90014
INST1081 Gilson 116 UV Detector s/n Y-CTO-3510
INST1082 Spectra Series UV100 Seperation s/n 094-00456 Thermo
INST1083 Dionex PDA-100 Array Detector s/n 14020086 DTR-0707
INST1084 VW Detector 798330 s/n 3522J04979
INST1086 Unknown Gynkotek unit s/n 9848131 UVD170S
INST1087 Movex Terfu/50/75 MET1500-74 s/n n/a
INST1088 PE Autosampler Series 200 s/n 293N7040304
INST109 CTC autosampler HTS PAL
INST1090 Prospec 2 (ACE) s/n30022
INST1091 Spark HPD 2
INST1092 Spark HPD 4
INST1093 Spark V20 Pump
INST1095 HP 1100 Series Degasser G13228 s/n JP05030062
INST1096 Cohesive Tech Pump G13118 s/n DE11113508
INST1097 Agilent 1200 Series G1367a s/n DE40915368
INST1098 Agilent 1100 Series G1312A s/n DE1110898U
INST1099 Agilent 1100 Series G1361A s/n DE14900311
INST11 Gilson 307 Pump
INST110 CTC Autosampler, HTS PAL
INST1100 Agilent 1100 Series G1316A s/n DE03017282
INST1101 Agilent 1100 Series Degasser parts s/n na
INST1104 HP Detector 5890 s/n 2436G05399
INST1106 A-900 Pharmacia Biotech s/n 20047
INST1109 Jasco Gradient unit LG-980-02 s/n B304383
INST111 Jasco AS-950 Autosampler C3471109
INST1110 Jasco Gradient unit LG-980-02 s/n B304473
INST1111 Applied Bio Detector 759A s/n 7387
INST1112 Hitachi Oven 810-0301 s/n 0713-067
INST1115 Gilson 401 dilutor s/n 127461
INST1116 Gilson 401 dilutor s/n 110092
INST1120 Shimadzu Rack Changer/c Prominence
INST1121 Shimadzu Prominence Liquid Chromatography Pump LC-20AB
INST1122 Shimadzu Prominence Autosampler SIL-20AC
INST1123 Shimadzu Prominence Column Oven CTO-20AC
INST1124 Shimadzu Liquid Chromatography Pump LC-10AD
INST1125 CTC HTC PAL (Autosampler + Power units + Cooling Stack)
INST1126 Shimadzu Prominence Column Oven CTO-20A-VP
INST1127 PE Series 200 LC Pump s/n 291N2062851
INST1128 PE Series 200 LC Pump s/n 291N9061655
INST1129 Shimadzu Prominence Degasser DGU-20A5
INST1130 Shimadzu Liquid Chromatography Pump LC-20AB
INST1131 PE Series 200 LC Pump s/n n/a
INST1132 Agilent 1200 series Degasser G1322A s/n JP62357446
INST1133 Agilent QUATPUMP G1311A s/n DE40926555
INST1134 Shimadzu Prominence Degasser DGU-20A3
INST1135 Shimadzu Prominence Liquid Chromatography Pump LC-20AB
INST1136 Shimadzu Prominence Column Oven CTO-20AC
INST1137 Shimadzu Prominence Autosampler SIL-20AC
INST1138 Shimadzu Prominence Degasser DGU-20A3
INST1139 Shimadzu Liquid Chromatography Pump LC-20AB
INST114 Merck Hitachi L-7400 LaChrom HPLC UV Detector
INST115 Gilson 118 UV/Visible HPLC Detector
INST116 Gilson ASPEC CL Automated Solid Phase Extraction system
INST119 Agilent 1100
INST120 Agilent 1100 Degasser G1322A JP05028110
INST1200 Jones Column Oven 7956R
INST1201 Jones Column Oven 7971
INST1202 Jones Column Oven 7971
INST1203 Jones Column Oven 7971
INST1204 Knauer UV/Vis Detector
INST1205 PE HS40 Headspace Analyser
INST1206 Gilson 307 pump/10ml Head
INST1207 PE Lambda25 UV/Vis Spectro- photometer
INST121 Agilent 1100 Degasser G1322A JP05031318
INST122 Agilent 1100 Degasser G1379A JP13213533
INST123 Agilent 1200 Prep System
INST125 Agilent 1100 G1379A Degasser JP13200841
INST127 Purite Neptune Water Purifier
INST128 Purite Prestige Water Purifier
INST129 Purite Prestige Water Purifier
INST130 Purite Prestige Water Purifier
INST131 Purite Prestige Water Purifier
INST132 Shimadzu GC 171A
INST133 Shimadzu SIL 10A
INST134 Shimadzu Column Oven CTO 10 AC
INST135 Shimadzu UV VIS Detector
INST136 Shimadzu LC10A T
INST137 Shimadzu SCL-10AVP
INST138 Shimadzu SIL-9A
INST139 Shimadzu CTO-10AS
INST14 Gilson 401 Dilutor
INST141 Shimadzu LC 6A Liquid Chromotograph
INST142 Shimadzu SPD-10A VP UV-Vis Detector
INST143 Shimadzu LC10AS
INST144 Shimadzu SCL10A Controller
INST146 Shimadzu Detector SPD-6A
INST147 Shimadzu SIL-10AD VP Detector
INST15 Gilson 444 Switching Module
INST159 Agilent 1100 G1312A Binary Pump DE40915368
INST16 Gilson 819 Mixer
INST162 Agilent 1100 G1379A Degasser JP13203094
INST167 GE Akta Prime Plus Liquid Chromatography System
INST172 Agilent Degasser G1322A JP05030062
INST173 Agilent 1100 G1367A Well plate Autosampler - DE02700472
INST174 Agielnt 1100 Binary System Binary Pump G1312A: DE53500390
INST176 Agilent 1100 Quaternary Pump G1311A DE03011275
INST177 Agilent 1100 Quaternary Pump G1311A DE11113508
INST178 Agilent 1100 System Binary Pump G1312ADE91604179
INST179 Agilent 1100 Quaternary Pump G1311A DE03011925
INST182 Waters 996 Detector Serial No. H01996495M (WAT057002)
INST19 Gilson 5992161 Unipoint key
INST20 Gilson 811c Mixer
INST200 Agilent 1100 G1322A Degasser JP73013409
INST201 Agilent 1100 G1322A Degasser JP32750352
INST206 Gilson Key Pad
INST209 Refurbished GE Pharmacia AKTA Basic (Etan LC) - with PC and Unicorn
INST21 Autosampler G1313A DE91608744
INST210 Agilent 1100/HP1100 Autosampler (ALS). Serial # DE91608744
INST211 Agilent 1100/HP1100 Binary Pump Serial # DE91604179
INST212 Agilent 1100/HP1100 DAD Detector Serial # DE91606282
INST213 Agilent 1100/HP1100 Degasser Serial # JP73016923
INST214 Knauer Bioline System
INST217 Agilent 1100, Degasser
INST22 Gilson Aspec XL Solid Phase Extraction
INST220 HPLC Degasser Repair (Agilent G1322 /G1379
INST223 Agilent 1100 DAD consisting of: Diode Array Detector G1315A, Binary
INST224 Agilent 1100 DAD consisting of: Diode Array Detector G1315A, Binary
INST23 Gilson Aspec XL Solid Phase Extraction
INST24 Gilson Aspec XL Solid Phase Extraction
INST25 Gilson Dilutor
INST26 Gilson Dilutor
INST28 Gilson Dilutor
INST29 Gilson Dilutor
INST31 Gilson Manometric Pulse Dampner
INST32 Gilson Quad Z 215 Autosampler
INST33 Gilson Valve Mate Switching Module
INST34 Gilson Valve Mate Switching Module
INST36 Jasco PU 980 Pump
INST37 Gilson UV 975 Detector
INST38 Gilson UV 975 Detector
INST39 7955 Block Heater
INST40 LabPro PR700 Switching Valve
INST401 Merck Hitachi LaChrom D7000 Interface
INST402 Merck Hitachi LaChrom D7000 Interface
INST403 Merck Hitachi LaChrom D7000 Interface
INST404 Merck Hitachi LaChrom D7100 Pump
INST414 Merck Hitachi LaChrom D7400 UV Detector
INST415 Merck Hitachi LaChrom D7400 UV Detector
INST416 Merck Hitachi LaChrom D7455 DAD
INST417 Merck Hitachi LaChrom D7612 Degasser
INST418 Merck Hitachi LaChrom Organiser
INST419 Merck Hitachi LaChrom Organiser
INST42 LabPro PR700 Switching Valve
INST43 LabPro PR700 Switching Valve
INST44 Merck L7360 Column Oven s/n 110038
INST45 Merck Hitachi 7450 Fluorescence Detector
INST46 Merck Hitachi D-7000 Interface
INST489 Agilent G1323B Handheld Controller;
INST49 Perkin Elmer 875 Detector
INST5 Gilson 112 Detector
INST50 Perkin Elmer 900 Series Interface Box
INST500GE GE Detector UPC900
INST501 Agilent 1100; G1364A Fraction Collector (Refurbished
INST502 Refurbished Gilson 305 HPLC Pump
INST52 Perkin Elmer NC1900 Network Chromo Interphase
INST53 Perkin Elmer Series 200 Pump
INST54 Perkin Elmer Series 200 Autosampler
INST59 Shimadzu CR8A Integrator
INST60 Shimadzu Sil 10A Sample cooler
INST603 Agilent/HP 1100 HPLC; Refurbished System Consists of
INST609 Exchange Varian Prepstar 530 Fluidi Module
INST61 Shimadzu SIL-10AD Autosampler
INST62 Shimadzu SPD 6A Detector
INST63 Forward Optical Scanning Detector
INST-651 Agilent Refurbished Degasser G1322A
INST66 Refurbished Agilent G1379A Degassor SN JP13213533
INST671 Refurbished Agilent G1314A; UV Dete
INST672 Refurbished Agilent 1100 G1311A Quaternary Pump
INST673 Refurbished Agilent 1100, G1316A; Column Oven with a Column Switching
INST678 Refurbished Knauer S100 Pump; 10ml Head with Titanium Inlays & press
INST7 Gilson 121 Fluorescence detector S/n 090E0028, 090E0021
INST70 Varian 800 Interface
INST703 Refurbished Gilson 307 Pump; without pump head
INST704 Refurbished Gilson 307 Pump; without pump head
INST71 Varian 9300 Autosampler
INST711 AKTA explorer 10 with autosampler (spares and repairs)
INST712 Waters Alliance 2695 S/no M97SM5070M
INST713 Waters Alliance 2695 S/no M97SM5105M
INST72 Varian Star 800 Module Interface
INST73 Waters 2745 Oven
INST74 Waters 2996 Detector MO4296461M
INST75 ESA Coulechom 2 5200A Detector
INST79 307 Pump without the pump head
INST8 Gilson 305 Pump
INST80 307 Pump with 10sc Heads
INST800 Gilson 811c Mixer 369B7T068
INST801 Gilson 811c Mixer 369L8T421
INST84 Agilent 1100 Binary Pump G1312A DE53500390
INST85 Agilent 1100 Binary Pump G1312A DE11118980
INST861 Jasco PU 980 Pump C390261
INST9 Gilson 305 Pump
INST900 MERCK Hitachi LaChrom L-7480 0926-019
INST903 MERCK Hitachi Lachrom L-7200 0818-007
INST963 gilson 811b dynamic mixer 369h0t 289
INST970 Gilson 401 Dilutor 107835
INST971 Gilson 401 Dilutor 138338
INST972 Gilson 401 Dilutor 130813
INST974 Gilson 401 Dilutor 127463
INST975 Gilson 401 Dilutor 78806
INST977 Gilson 811c Mixer 369M5T356
INST980 PERKIN ELMER 200 LC PUMP 291N7050759
INST989 Jasco UV 975 Detector B3921913
INST990 Jasco AS 950 Sampler A347142
INST991 Jasco UV 975 Detector B3921703
INST992 Jasco UV 975 Detector C3922435
INST999 HP 6890 GC
INSTSHI1-3 Shimadzu Controller
INSTSHI1-4 Shimadzu Degasser
INSTSHI1-5 Shimadzu Degasser
INSTSHI1-6 Shimadzu Detector
INSTSHI1-7 Shimadzu Pump
KEYPAD Gilson Aspec XL Keypad
KWAS081067 Waters CPU PCB
RF402 Refurbished Gilson 402 Dual Syringe Diluter
RFAS14 Refurb Perkin Elmer Series 200 Autosampler
RFB402 Gilson 402
RF-JAS-975U Refurb UV 975 Jasco Detector - S/No A3921019
RS-200-DADDARF PE 200 DAD Diode array
RS-200-DFCRF PE 200 DAD flow cell
RS-2695-FDDRF 2695 floppy drive
SYM/LV/101RF Used Spark Holland Symbiosis system consisting of 2 x HPD units,

Used Spares

Part No: Description:
0043.690RF Vial Stripper Midas Autosampler
0043.691RF Stripper Guide Block Midas Autosampler
0043.696RF Drip Cup Injection Valve Midas Autosampler
05890-80270RF Fan Blade, Stainless Steel and Set Screw
0830.302RF Valve Drive Assy for Midas Autosampler
0830.307RF Needle Drice Assy Midas Autosampler
0830.32RF Keyboard/Cover Assy Midas Autosampler
0830.73RF Oven Bucket and Heater Midas Autosampler
0900.302RF Syringe Drive Assy for Midas Auto (minus Syringe Valve Sensors)
0900.651RF Serial Link Board Midas Autosampler
0900.741RF Tray Stepper Motor Midas Autosampler
0930.296 Symbiosis uHPLC-SA for Analyst
0950-2528 Power Supply for Agilent 1100 Pump
0950-2528RF Power Supply for Agilent 1100 Pump
19031052RF X,Y,Z Motor (233/Aspec/Asted)
2002.508 Spark UHPLC injection valve 18.000 psi, 0.25mm
2002.511 UHPLC ISS valve
2033.120RF Tray Drive Belt Midas Autosampler
228-23400-91RF Flow Cell Shimadzu 10ADVP
228-24785-91RF Main Board Shimadzu LC-10AT
228-25246-92RF Fan Shimadzu-10ATVP
228-25346-92RF fan Shimadzu 10ADVP
228-25346FARF fan, side panel Shimadzu 10ADVP
228-25346KEYRF Keyboard Shimadzu 10ADVP
228-34259RF Main Board Shimadzu-10ATVP
228-34512ARF Power Supply Board Shimadzu 10ADVP
228-34514BRF Main Board Shimadzu 10ADVP
228-34697-01RF Power Suply unit Shimadzu 10ADVP
228-35326-91RF Mixer Shimadzu LC-10ADVP
228-39050-92RF Power Supply + On/Off switch Shimadzu-10ATVP
228-39247-92RF Leak Sensor Shimadzu-10ATVP
228-INBOSCLRF Interface BoardShimadzu SCL-10A
228-INTB10ATRF Interface Board Shimadzu- 10ATVP
228-KEY10ARF Keypad Shimadzu SCL-10A
228-KEY10ATRF Keyboard Shimadzu LC-10AT
228-KEY10ATVRF Keyboard Shimadzu-10ATVP
228-KEYLC10RF Keypad Shimadzu LC-10ADVP
228-MET10ADRF Metering Sensor Shimadzu LC-10ADVP
228-PIO10ATRF Power Input and On/Off Switch Shimadzu LC-10AT
228-PS10ATRF Power Supply Shimadzu LC-10AT
228-PSUSCL10ARF Power Supply Shimadzu SCL-10A
228-PUAS10ATRF Pump Assembly Shimadzu LC-10AT
228-PUAS10ATVRF Pump assemby Shimadzu- 10ATVP
228-PURV10ATRF Purge Valve Shimadzu-10ATVP
25051307RF SPE Seal Cup
250513415RF Seal Foot For Eight Probe SPE Mad
25053110RF Solenoid Assy for Multiple Probe GILSON
25061030RF Z Drive Motor Assy 215
2507247RF Probe 1.8ODX1.3, Tip 0.8 OD, BV, Dual Lumen
2562.349RF Optointerruptor for Midas Syringe Valve
2682.006RF Fan For Chiller Midas Autosampler
3160-1016RF Agilent Fan Assembly, DAD/MWD Detector
360205 Container 150ml PS, No label, Metal Lid
36522010RF Gilson Motor Assembly
36852330RF 805 Manometric Board
36857035RF Gilson 306 Power Supply
482-152RF 12V 1.4 Watt, 80 x 80 x 25
500933RF Gilson Flat Ribbon Cable GSIOC
5041-8381RF Power Switch Button
5041-8382RF Light Pipe - Power Switch
5041-8383RF Power Switch Coupler
5041-8384RF Light Pipe Status Lamp
5061-3356RF Agilent Leak Sensor for 1100, 1090, 1050
506313RF Line Block (XL with Cabling)Gilson
52060-1RF Transformer Gilson
54274XL390RF Gilson 215 X Drive Belt
5463071019RF Seal SPE-8
54822208244RF 80 x 80 x 25mm 24VDC Fan Gilson
700001031RF Waters Pump Torpedo For Alliance
700002511RF Waters 2695 Degasser Control PCB refurb
79835-60005RF Agilent Dampener for 1100 Pump
849580RF Refurbished XL sampler main board Gilson
8547026RF Power Supply For 402 Dilutor Ref GI270314K15 & K19
857430RF Logic/ control board, Gilson 306 pump,
9964565-RF Power Supply Assy and On/Off Switch
A4061 Analytical Flow Cell
A4127 Test Cell holmium oxid filter K-2700
A-446 Solvent Filter UHMWPE 1/8" 10um
A720-220 Quotro Power Supply Relay PCB
B49283RF Injection Valve Motor Assy Gilson
B49550RF Gilson XL Interconnect Board and Cable
B49670RF Injection Ports New Style (Aspec/215)
B49743RF Z-arm 183 Gilson
B54583RF Gilson 1100ul Transfer Tubing
COMPUTER Optiplex 760 MT as details in quote 84058360
CTCMM11-00 Fast Wash Module Valve Assembly
DEC001 DEC Accessory kit
DOAMQ3421 Clarity Upgrade for Waters HPLC System software loaded on PC's
DRH-FTRPH FTRPH Calibration/ Window Defining Standard 1 mL 500 µg/mL in
F401412RF Logic board for a Gilson 401 Dilutor
F4015019RF Main Board for 402 Dilutor Ref GI270314K16 4off
F4015019RF Main Board for 402 Dilutor Ref GI270314K16 4off
F4015028RF 402 Motor Chassis with Syringe Motor and Encoder
G1311-25200RF Agilent 1100 Pump Chamber Housing Refurbished
G1311-60001RF Agilent 1100 Pump Drive - Refurbished
G1311-60004RF Pump Head Assy with Plunger Housing and Piston Supports
G1311-60009RF Purge Valve Assembly
G1311-66520 Quaternary Pump circuit
G1311-66530 Quaternary Pump circuit
G1311-67701 MCG Valve Assy
G1311-67701RF Agilent Quaternary Proportioning Valve for 1100 Pump
G1311-69001RF Pump Drive Assy- Exch
G1311-69520RF LPM Board - Exch
G1312-23201RF Adapter Bin Pump for Agilent 1100
G1312-66540 New-Pump Mainboard exchange board in workshop
G1312-67300 Agilent Capillary Piston 1 to 2 For 1100
G1312-67300 Agilent Capillary Piston 1 to 2 For 1100
G1312-67302RF Agilent Mixing Capillary 160 x 0.25mm for 1100
G1312-69520RF HPM Board - Exch
G1313-89701RF Motor Assy II (Pulley) for Agilent 1100 Autosampler
G1313-89702RF Motor Assy I (Coupler) for Agilent 1100 Autosampler
G1314-69526R Refurbished G1314 VWM Board
G1315-66540RF DAM Board
G1315-68712 Agilent Cell Repair Kit for Standard Cell
G1315-69540RF DAM Board - Exch
G1322-66500RF Agilent Vacuum Degasser Control Assembly
G1329-66500 Agilent ASM used board
G1351-66500RF Relay/Vial Interface board Gilson Auto
G1530-60550RF Pneumatics Area Fan
G1530-60640RF Harness Inlet/Detector
G1530-60745RF Complete Keyboard Assy
G1530-60945RF Agilent Oven Flapper Motor, G1530A GC
G1530-60970RF Transformer (6890A Only) s/n <10225
G1530-61040RF Motor harness assy
G1530-61310RF Oven Motor Assy 120/240v
G1530-61350RF AC Printed Circuit Board plus 240V Config Plug
G1530-61705RF ROM Kit (Rev 3.07)
G1530-80000RF Display,display, 4x20 VF
G1531-60020RF FID Interface Board
G1575-60010RF Agilent EPC Board Ref AG250314K10
G4226-60310 Agilent 1290 Loop Assembly
GI310314K05 Gilson 5ml glass syringe S401-GIL-050
GIL402DASSRF 402 Syringe Drive Complete
GIL-PT-307PRF 307 Pressure Transducer Assy
INST1003 Gilson motor/pump + 2 PCB'S s/n n/a
INST1004 psu s/n n/a
INST1005 CTC MZ01-00E s/n n/a
INST1006 Peltier Thermostat MN03-00 s/n n/a
INST1016 Gilson 444 Quad Dialator Carcass s/n n/a
INST1051 ESA Analytical Cell S011 s/n 9114HL
INST1065 Gilson Unknown Carcass s/n 164177
INST149 Gilson 10SC pump head; Refurbished
INST166 Gilson 231XK sampling injector
NP-GIL-102 Needle, 1 Piece, Gilson XL
PERS200GRF PE Diffraction Grating
R7725E-066RF PE 200 AS Rotor motor
RS-2695-HCCRF 2695 column h/c control PCB
RS-2695-INTRF 2695 interconnect board (upper)
RS-2695-PVRF 2695 purge valve
RS-2695-SYRRF 2695 syringe drive assy
RS-270860RF 2695 column oven connect
RS-486-GRRF 486 grating
RS-486-PDRF 486 photodiode assy
RS-589-HERF 5890 Oven heater assy
RS-589-NCRF 5890 network card
RS-717-SPRF 717 seal pack
RS-996-OBRF 996 optical bench
RS-996-PSURF 996 PSU
RS-AGI-OVMOTRF 5890 oven motor
RSN293-9001RF PE200 AS Mainboard
RSN293-9014RF PE 200 AS PSU
RSN293-9054RF PE 200 flush board
RSPE-FLUSHRF PE 200 AS Flush/sample motor
RSPE-MIRRRF PE 200 Mirrors
RSPE-ROTORRF PE 200 Rotor assy (Rheodyne)
RS-TSP-ARMRF TSP A/S vial lift assy
RS-TSP-D1RF TSP display/keypad assy
RS-TSP-MB1RF TSP UV1000 Mainboard
RS-TSP-OB1RF TSP UV 1000 Optical bench
RS-TSP-OB2RF TSP UV6000 optical bench
RS-TSP-PASRF TSP pump motor assy
RS-TSP-SYRRF TSP A/S syringe drive assy
RS-WAT-TRAYRF 2695 Tray set
SA731009 Biohit Batteries (731009)
WAT055702RF Waters 717 Plus Main Board for Autosampler
WAT270915RF Waters 2690 CPU PCB
WAT270919RF 2695 pump driver board
WAT270926RF Refurbished Waters seal wash pump 2690
WAT270966RF Refurbished Waters Pressure Transducer 515 and Alliance
Z-014G-PAK PAH Mix 5 x 1 mL 2.0 mg/mL in Dichloromethane:Benzene (1:1)
IAG11 GPIB-PCI Interface card for agilent 1100 Control cable inclu
INST1014 Waters Selector Valve s/n 78221L4 EV700-102-WA
INST1015 Gilson 234 injector s/n 156691
INST1019 Anachem Power Extension Block s/n n/a
INST1046 Gilson Dilutor Spares s/n n/a
INST1047 Gilson Head 200 WTI s/n E50251
INST1075 Anachem PSU s/n 980614
INST1102 Movex Tubing s/n na
INST1108 Valve Switching Unit RES077 s/n B113511
INST140 Shimadzu AOC Power Supply
INST17 Gilson 821 Pressure regulator
INST4102 Source Lens Refurbished
INST55 Perkin Elmer Peltier and Tray
INST56 Perkin Elmer Peltier and Tray
INST57 Perkin Elmer Peltier and Tray
INST58 Perkin Elmer Peltier and Tray
INST701 Refurbished Gilson 10ml Pump Head
INST702 Refurbished Gilson 10ml Pump Head
INST705 Refurbished Gilson 25ml Head
M0413321 PE Power Supply
M2058 Stator for Standard SST Valve
MB-GIL-AS Gilson Autosampler Board (232,233, XL)
N2910090RF PE Head Assembly Series 200 Pump 100 ul
INST1117 Waters 2690 Pumphead & Drive s/n n/a
LD-DIO-102LL Dionex PDA-100, PDA-3000, AD-25 D2 Lamp

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