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The CambTEK Sample Preparation Extractor (SPEx)

CambTEK SPEx - The future of Sample Preparation

The SPEx is a totally new approach to sample preparation of solid dosage forms and includes two new technologies Forced Jet Mixing (FJM) and High Frequency Pulverizing (HFP) and a specifically designed pouch, to deliver great performance and quality without the burden of cleaning, glassware or carryover.

> Effective

The SPEx has been specifically designed to easily tackle immediate release or difficult prolonged release formulations in single or bulk tablet, capsule, lozenge, pastille and our tests to date show the SPEx to be an extremely effective solution.

> Automated

SPEx automates the extraction and dissolution of the solid dosage form, the user is responsible for manual filtration and dilution steps. After extraction and dissolution are complete the SPEx Extraction Pouch is disposed of and no other part of the SPEx comes into contact with the sample or solve.



Key Features

Forced Jet Mixing 

Proprietary Technology High turnover of fluid volume for rapid homogeneity and dissolution.

High-Frequency Pulverizing

Proprietary Technology, focused pulverization of whole solids into powders, enhancing rapid extraction.

Extraction Pouch

Proprietary Technology, say goodbye to glassware, cleaning and carryover. Simply dispose of the pouch after use.

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Would you like to see how effective the CambTEK SPEx is? We are offering you the chance to book a demo with us and test your own samples on the CambTEK SPEx. To book your demo, simply send a request to We look forward to hearing from you.

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