Some of the features of a Kinesis Service Contract are as follows:

  • Multiple manufacturer equipment covered -

    Minimising the need for multi contract servicing.

  • Optional Kinesis alternative replacement parts -

    Saving money compared to manufacturer list prices without compromising quality.

  • Automated electronic engineer reports -

    Reducing transcript error and decreasing document workflow times.

  • 48 hr standard response guarantee -

    Service response times are tracked to keep system down time to a minimum.

  • Flexible pre-planned maintenance visits throughout the year -

    Site visits are scheduled at the customer’s convenience.

  • Various breakdown options including power board/assembly support -

    Allowing you to tailor your requirements to fit your budget.

  • Advanced “Back to Bench” support -

    Our workshop is fully equipped and available for any repairs that cannot be carried out on site.

  • Fully traceable OQ/PV packages -

    Our OQ/PV documentation is validated to regulatory guidelines

  • Confidential web portal access to call data/tracking -

    We provide our customers with secure online access to review their visit notes, and parts fitted, as well as log new calls to Kinesis directly.

  • Process improvement/System care training -

    Kinesis offers various levels of expertise/training to help optimise and improve instrument performance, life time and user ability.


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