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Complaints Procedure

Our goal is to achieve total internal and external customer satisfaction and to deliver error free products on time, with service second to none. We take complaints about our work, staff and levels of service very seriously. If you are not satisfied please follow our complaints procedure below.

In the first instance we suggest you telephone or email your regular contact, that’s usually the quickest and easiest way to resolve a problem.

If you prefer you can:

We will need:

  • A clear, detailed description of what your complaint is about.
  • All reference numbers relating to the sales/purchase – Our non-conformance log will generate an incident number or we can use one you supply.
  • Your preferred contact method and contact details.

We aim to give an initial response within 48 hours to all complaints and will attempt to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform

For cross-border disputes that cannot be resolved using the steps above, European customers are able to raise a dispute via the European Commision's new ODR platform.

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