Dram / Trident Vials - Tall Form
Dram / Trident Vials for Sample Storage

Dram / Trident vials are ideal for general storage applications... Read on »

Sample Prep Application Form 1102131
Solid Phase Extraction Method Development Advice

Kinesis has launched a method development service for customers developing... Read on »

KX Hydrophilic PVDF Syringe Filters (Non-sterile)

KX Hydrophilic Syringe Filters contain a modified PVDF membrane for... Read on »

TELOS Environmental Sample Preparation Products

TELOS C8 & C18 | TELOS neo PRP | TELOS... Read on »

ICP Standards
Alternate Source for ICP and ICP-MS Reference Standards

AccuStandard offers economical alternatives to the multi-element standard solutions offered... Read on »

KX PVDF Syringe Filters (Non-sterile)

KX PVDF Syringe Filters have broad chemical compatibility and are... Read on »