KX PVDF Syringe Filters (Non-sterile)

KX PVDF Syringe Filters have broad chemical compatibility and are... Read on »

12 place complete
Sample Processing Manifolds for Sample Preparation & Work-up

12- and 24-position systems Adjustable rack Individual column flow control... Read on »

KX Hydrophilic PVDF Syringe Filters (Non-sterile)

KX Hydrophilic Syringe Filters contain a modified PVDF membrane for... Read on »

Lamps & Spares
Kinesis Lamps and Instrument Spares

Kinesis offer a comprehensive range of high quality instrument spares... Read on »

KX PES Syringe Filters (Non-sterile)

KX PES Syringe Filters (Polyethersulfone) have a low affinity for... Read on »

New! EPA Vials added to Kinesis KX Range

EPA vials (also known as VOA/VOC vials) are those that... Read on »