Introductory 40% Discount - KX Syringe Filters (Non-sterile)
KX Syringe Filters

Kinesis KX Syringe Filters is a comprehensive range of non-sterile... Read on »

GC Inlet Liners
Inlet Liner Geometry and the Impact on GC Sample Analysis of a PAH Mix

The function of the GC Injection Port or Inlet is... Read on »

Generic SPE using TELOS neo SPE Columns & 96-well Plates

The range of TELOS neo polymer-based SPE products covers the... Read on »

Environment Focus
Focus on Environmental Analysis

If you are involved in measuring chemical pollutants in air,... Read on »

Environmental Analysis-image
Extraction of Metaldehyde, Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol from Water using TELOS ENV SPE Columns

Introduction Metaldehyde is a molluscicide whose use has markedly increased... Read on »

Sample Prep Application Form 1102131
Solid Phase Extraction Method Development Advice

Kinesis has launched a method development service for customers developing... Read on »