GC Column
Analysis of PAHs (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons) using GC with FID or MS

Capillary gas chromatography with flame ionisation detection (FID) or mass... Read on »

Environment Focus
Focus on Environmental Analysis

If you are involved in measuring chemical pollutants in air,... Read on »

Screw neck EPA vials and caps
EPA Vials

EPA vials are those that meet the requirements of the US... Read on »

Generic SPE using TELOS neo SPE Columns & 96-well Plates

The range of TELOS neo polymer-based SPE products covers the... Read on »

Dram / Trident Vials - Tall Form
Dram / Trident Vials for Sample Storage

Dram / Trident vials are ideal for general storage applications... Read on »

12 place complete
Sample Processing Manifolds for Sample Preparation & Work-up

12- and 24-position systems Adjustable rack Individual column flow control... Read on »